Field Training Officer (FTO)<\/h1>

The future of a police department is significantly impacted by the field training officer (FTO). The FTO is a \nvital member of the department, responsible for training new recruits and determining the viability of these recruits \nas law enforcement officers. When FTOs are properly trained, they can help make sound personnel decisions and \navoid future performance and legal issues.<\/p>\n

The Penn State Justice and Safety Institute (JASI) is pleased to offer this powerful three-day program, which is designed to prepare officers for field-training responsibilities. Rather than using a previously formulated method of instruction, we teach what we believe to be the best of each method, and then allow trainees to devise their own program. This highly interactive class places an emphasis on imparting the \nknowledge and skills needed to properly train and mentor recruits for work as law enforcement officers. All of our \ncourses are instructed by current practitioners or recently retired executives. Key concepts and topics include, but \nare not limited to, the following:<\/p>\n

  • Elements of the Communication Process<\/strong><\/li>\n
    • Tailoring to departmental needs<\/li>\n
    • Motivational and descriptive communication<\/li>\n<\/ul>\n
    • Adult Learning Concepts<\/strong><\/li>\n
    • Concepts of Appraisal<\/strong><\/li>\n
      • Evaluating the trainee's performance based \non policy procedures and guidelines<\/li><\/ul>\n
      • Evaluating Training Performance<\/strong><\/li>\n
        • Evaluation based on an employee's \nperformance while completing basic task<\/li>\n
        • Counseling of a trainee based on positive or \nweak performance<\/li><\/ul>\n
        • Ethical Issues<\/strong><\/li>\n
          • Counseling of the trainee on the issues of \nethics and the performance of duty<\/li><\/ul>\n
          • Job-Task Analysis and Patrol Function<\/strong><\/li>\n
          • Review of FTO forms<\/strong><\/li>\n
          • Group and Individual Exercises<\/strong><\/li>\n<\/ul><\/td>


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Field Training Officer (FTO)<\/td><\/tr>
April 20 - 22, 2015<\/td>Allentown, PA<\/td>$450<\/td><\/tr>
Sponsor: Allentown Police Academy<\/a><\/td>Download Registration Form<\/a><\/td><\/tr>
April 27 - 29, 2015<\/td>Franklin, PA<\/td>$390<\/td><\/tr>
Sponsor: Northwestern PA Chiefs<\/a>

Quality Inn, Franklin, PA<\/p><\/td>

Download Registration Form<\/a><\/td><\/tr>
May 11 - 13, 2015<\/td>Allison Park, PA<\/td>$450<\/td><\/tr>
Sponsor: Allegheny County Police Training Academy<\/a><\/td>Download Registration Form<\/a><\/td><\/tr>
May 11 - 13, 2015<\/td>Freehold, NJ<\/td>$450<\/td><\/tr>
Sponsor: Monmouth County Police Academy<\/a><\/td>Download Registration Form<\/a><\/td><\/tr>
October 05 - 07, 2015<\/td>York, PA<\/td>$450<\/td><\/tr>
Sponsor: York County Sheriff's Office<\/a>

York County Fire School<\/p><\/td>

Download Registration Form<\/a><\/td><\/tr>
November 16 - 18, 2015<\/td>Scotch Plains, NJ<\/td>$450<\/td><\/tr>
Sponsor: John H. Stamler Police Academy<\/a><\/td>Download Registration Form<\/a><\/td><\/tr>