Police Supervisory In-Service Training (POSIT)<\/h1>

There are many challenges to becoming an effective first-line law enforcement supervisor. The Police Supervisor In-Service Training Program (POSIT) provides first-line supervisors with the necessary tools to be strong leaders within their organization and community. Specifically, POSIT will help prepare first-line supervisors to meet the \nchallenge of \"critical shift\" into a supervisory position. The transition from being a line officer to a supervisor requires a specific mind and skill set that is necessary to being an integral part of the management team. <\/p>\n

The Penn State Justice and Safety Institute (JASI) is pleased to present this intensive and innovative program designed to provide a better understanding of the roles, duties, and functions of a first-line supervisor. This highly interactive four-and-a-half-day program is designed for first-line supervisors from all levels of law enforcement and for those under consideration for promotion. All of our courses are instructed by current practitioners or recently retired executives. Key concepts and topics include, but are not limited to, the following:<\/p>\n

  • Supervisory Roles<\/strong><\/li>\n
    • Critical responsibilities<\/li>\n
    • Three vital skill sets<\/li>\n<\/ul>\n
    • Supervisory Styles<\/strong><\/li>\n
      • Five various styles<\/li>\n
      • Factors that affect the various styles<\/li>\n<\/ul>\n
      • Measurable Standards of Performance<\/strong><\/li>\n
        • Developing performance evaluations<\/li>\n
        • Use of evaluations as a management tool<\/li><\/ul>\n
        • Legal Aspects of Supervision<\/strong><\/li>\n
          • Vicarious\/Civil liability<\/li>\n
          • Minimizing liability<\/li><\/ul>\n
          • Marginal or Problem Employees<\/strong><\/li>\n
            • COACH model<\/li>\n
            • Motivational strategies<\/li><\/ul>\n
            • Discipline as Supervisory Tool<\/strong><\/li>\n
              • Progressive discipline<\/li>\n
              • Ethical\/Legal obligations<\/li><\/ul>\n
              • Hostile Work Environments<\/strong><\/li>\n
                • Individual, organizational, and economic \nimpacts<\/li>\n
                • Prevention and management strategies<\/li><\/ul>\n<\/ul><\/td>


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